MYG – Magazine for Youth Generation n. 3


The third number of MYG, the Magazine for Youth Generation published by my Evs hosting organization Info Front – Prilep, has been published!

I wrote about human rights (Roma people), globalisation, environment, gay people, I interviewed a fast food owner for my column “People of Prilep” and I wrote the diary about my experience in Macedonia.
And then there are a lot of other articles written by my colleagues and friends!

You can read it on line from Issuu, clicking on the window below, or you can download the pdf (and here the second and the first issues)

This is the last issue of MYG I wrote for, my Evs has almost finished.
I hope that the work of Silvia (the other Evs volunteer who designed the layouts) and I, thanks to which Info Front started to publish the magazine, will be useful for the work of other volunteers and next issues!

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