Italian lessons


Italian lessonYes, I knew that one of my tasks here in Prilep was to teach the Italian language. The programme of my Evs is clear.
But then is another thing to stand in front of a board for the first time, after have been seated for twenty years as a student, and to stand without being a teacher and without wanting to behave like a traditional teacher.

One of the columns of the European Youth in action programme is the non formal education: learning by doing, learning having fun, without a separation between who teachs and who learns.
I love the non formal education because I believe we are all learners, in the life.

So this afternoon, in the office of Info front association, I said to the students that I’m a student too. I have to study how to teach Italian making the lessons non lessons, but nice time spent together.

I’m so happy that there are young people who want to learn my mother tongue.
It’s also a way to talk about Italian culture, history, cinema and music.

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