Trinity Leeds


Trinity Leeds
apparently nothing to share
with the holiness

the global streets
wear another Spirit
breathing on these colourful skins
dressed by decorations of a Christmas
nowadays naked of the excitement of wait

Can you feel freeTrinity Leeds
under this transparent cage
showing the endless sea
of the sky?

Can you hear
the modern pray
under the celestial vaults
of the biggest European mall?


The Trinity in Leeds
is an empty shopping trolley
of art and religion


The last Tuesday I went to visit Leeds with the other participants of the Creative Writing workshop I talked about in the previous post.
Leeds, as the bigger London and the smaller Huddersfield, gave me the impression of a multicultural city. But that diversity, in the first streets we walked along, seemed to be homologated in the shopping.

Too many shops showing a reality that exists for a few and a Christmas with one and half month in advance.
And Trinity Leeds, the mall told to be the biggest in Europe that opened the last March, with about 120 shops and 3.000 workers is a entire shopping city, decorated by sculptures realized by artists employed during its construction (I took only a picture: I believed that horse-balloon imprisoned in the air was the horse-sculpture’s spirit trying to escape).

Trinity Leeds is just there, in the centre of Leeds, next to the 18th-century Holy Trinity Church. A mall named after a church. Brilliant, isn’t it?

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