A poem from two apples


Inside my circle
is hidden a star
dressed in the colour
of different seasons

the autumn gives it to us
like a present

the origin of our tears
a healthy snack

I’m in Huddersfield, England, for a training course on Creative Writing, organized by the no profit organisation Let’s Go Yorkshire
Today, facilitated by our tutor Adam Strickson, we did an exercise that I found very interesting and that ended up with the lines you’ve read.

We just passed on to each other two different kinds oA poem from two applesf apples, and everyone of us told words inspired by the observation, the smell and the touch of the fruits.
Adam wrote down our words, then he asked us to write a riddle using some of those words, in the style we preferred. And this is what I wrote:

The origin of our tears
a bright moon above a woman
a silent man waiting
for a healthy snack
in his working bag

At the end, Adam took some words of our riddles and wrote the first lines of this post.
Yes, I know. Already in the title of the post I gave you the solution of the riddle.
But for me, it’s a little poem, not a riddle anymore.
I prefer poems: you haven’t to find a solution, and so you are freeto use your imagination, flying with the words.

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