Greek Nazi’s protests against Macedonians


On Sunday 28, activists of the Greek Nazi party Golden Dawn “welcomed” Macedonian people crossing the border with flyers and slogans like “This is free Macedonia”, “For the gypsies from Skopje we have special stickers for their cars”, “Macedonia is Greek”.

A video of the national Macedonian broadcaster Channel 5 shows what happened at the border.

It’s old, really old the nationalist rivality between Greece and Macedonia.
Greece says that “the real Macedonia” is in its territory (the region around Thessaloniki), Macedonia that the northern part of Greece should be within its border, as it was in ancient times.

If you go to Greece and say “I live in Macedonia”, as I said on a bus in Thessaloniki to a young girl, you’ll receive an amazed look. Because in Greece, Macedonia is called “Skopja”. For Greek people, Macedonia is not a state, but a region in northern Greece.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that all Greek people hate Macedonian people and viceversa.
I talked to the owner of the hostel where I slept in Thessaloniki, and he told me “I don’t care, it’s a stupid issue. We are all people, and that’s all”.

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