Global news, 22-28 July

Global news is my weekly newscast for the MultiKulti radio of CID association (Center for intercultural dialogue). I contribute to the radio of Kumanovo from Prilep, where I’m doing the Evs project “The missing ingredient”.

The headlines of the news from 22 to 28 July:

Japan. Radioactive groundwater leaked into the Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima atomic plant

Iraq. About fifty people were killed in different parts of the country by terrorist attacks

Bulgaria. Protesters surrounded the Parliament, blockading more than one hundred politicians, journalists and staff

Tunisia. The opposition politician Mohamed Brahmi was shot dead. “Annachda killed him”, said his sister. But the Islamic movement condemned the killing

Egypt. About eighty people were killed by the police during demonstrations in Cairo and Alexandria to support the former president Mohammed Morsi

Brazil. Pope Francis closed the Catholic youth festivals in Copacabana beach, celebrating a mass with a crowd of three million people

The theme song of the newscast is “Revolve” by His Boy Elroy

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