Climate change. Behind the Scenery

Climate change, drought, melting ice, deforestation, sea level rise.
Everyone of us heard about these huge problems for the life of our Earth and ourselves.
Sustainable development, a possible solution. We heard about this too.

Repetita iuvant. 
Yes, but there’s the risk of normalization, above all in a mainstream media system which talks about problems superficially and when a catastrophe already happened. Besides, it’s quite impossible to talk about problems caused by the companies and the governments which are the media’s sponsors. That’s the press, baby. The other side of the press.

There’s also the risk that a issue is boring and difficult to understand, while climate change – and the related environmental problems – should be something everyone of us cares about.

The need of “new images, metaphors and stories for a future-oriented and participatory type of communications”.
This was the point of the “Climate Communication: Transmedia Storytelling about Climate Change and Climate Adaptation” Summer School, promoted by the International Summer University and held in Neukalen, Germany (I’m here with the Italian branch of SCI organization).
I took part in the School the last September, with people coming from Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Indonesia, Laos, Germany, Greece and Italy.

The videoclip “Behind the Scenery” is one of the collective works of the Summer School and it has been nominated at the Munich International Festival of Film Schools for Climate Clips Award 2013.

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